Homegrown Virginia creates delicious foods from locally grown ingredients.  We strive to create healthy products, ones that include ingredients picked at the peak of ripeness.  By focusing on Virginia grown produce we are able to use the freshest ingredients available.  We also aim for minimally processing our foods, allowing the flavor of fresh fruit or vegetables to be emphasized.

The esteemed farmers who supply our ingredients:

Windmill Hill Farm

Gross’ Orchard

Reese’s Farm

Southside Produce Auction

Pinehaven Vineyard

Wenger’s Grapes

Condrey Farm

Sunnyside Farm

Hawthorne Farm


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Homegrown Virginia has partnered with the non-profit Virginia Food Works to provide contract packing (“co-packing”) services for farms and food entrepreneurs.  The co-packing service details can be found through their website as well as by contacting info<at>VirginiaFoodWorks.org.  All processing is completed at the Prince Edward County Cannery near Farmville, VA.  Virginia Food Works also assists with renting the cannery by the hour.  Check it out!   www.VirginiaFoodWorks.org